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Dada Dadi ni Vidya Parab (DDVP)

Smt. Yagna Manakd

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Smt. Yagna Mankad worked at Space Applications Centre - ISRO, Ahmedabad for around thirty years.

During her tenure, as the “System Administrator”, she handled weather data centre. She played an instumental role in establishment of a weather data center at SAC- Bopal, Ahmedabad. The weather data centre disseminates the data in near real time that is received in real time from ISRO weather satellites.

She was the “Course Coordinator” for M. Tech. courses in “Satellite Meteorology” run by ISRO in collaboration with the United Nations. The course participants are from various countries from ASIA and the Pacific.

She took voluntary retirement and now she is associated with DDVP. She believes that “educating people” is indeed a noble task. Her moto is giving back to the society - whatever way is possible. DDVP is happy to have her association and wishing her healthy life.

Vidya Parab

Dada Dadi ni Vidya Parab is a place to quench the thirst for knowledge and education. "Parab" means a place where water is distributed free of cost to any passerby. Here, the "parab" is of education to underprivileged children.

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