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Dada Dadi ni Vidya Parab (DDVP)


DDVP acknowledges different kinds of support received from various institutions, agencies, people and faculties in the form of donation, honorary services and popular lectures. This support has made the roots very strong. DDVP is happy to announce that this flavour has gone across the globe and we are getting the encouragement from abroad also.

Vidya Parab - flow of education, will be continued with your help. DDVP is vey much thankful to all who have supported this activity directly or indirectly.

Vidya Parab

Dada Dadi ni Vidya Parab is a place to quench the thirst for knowledge and education. "Parab" means a place where water is distributed free of cost to any passerby. Here, the "parab" is of education to underprivileged children.

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