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Dada Dadi ni Vidya Parab (DDVP)

Wishing all of You a Very Happy and Healthy New Year - 2018

About DDVP

"Dada Dadi ni Vidya Parab” (DDVP) is a place to quench the thirst for knowledge, education, good culture in the laps of Dada-Dadi. “Parab” is a place where water is distributed free of cost to any passerby - particularly in hot summer. A “Parab” is like an oasis in the hot desert to quench the thirst to move ahead. Education is very important in crafting the future. Without education, it is dark ahead. In this age, where the commodity prices and educational fees are rising by the day, it is very difficult for the underprivileged children to get the quality education. Several times, we spot children on the street and think they should better be in a school. However, that thought dies down and doesn’t culminate in action thus maintaining the status quo. Putting that thought into action is difficult. Dada - Dadi has put this thought into action by starting an institution called "Vidya Parab". “Vidya Parab” is a place where free Education is given to unprivileged children to move ahead in life.
Now DDVP has grown to a Supportive Education System(SES) . It is now providing various facilities to the students with the help of experienced faculties from different fields who give honorary services for the noble cause.
Let us get the idea about this noble task.

Vidya Parab

Dada Dadi ni Vidya Parab is a place to quench the thirst for knowledge and education. "Parab" means a place where water is distributed free of cost to any passerby. Here, the "parab" is of education to underprivileged children.

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